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Buddhist Works of Art


Mongolia School of Zanabazar, late 17th to early 18th Century

Height: 22cm

The brightly gilded figure of Amitabha Buddha is seated in a vajraparyankasana, or double lotus position on a raised triangular double lotus base looking down in meditation. Amitabha holds an alms bowl in dhyanamudra (gesture of meditation) as he wears a pleated robe with incised decoration on the borders draped off his left shoulder. Cold gilding remains on the face and traces of pigment is seen in the hair, eyes and a portion of the almsbowl. The figure has a sealed base with some gilding on the centre of the incised double vajra.

Amitabha, ‘Buddha of Infinite Light’ also known as Amitayus ‘Buddha of Infinite Life’ is the Buddha of the beyond and afterlife and is the fourth of the five Dhyani Buddhas. He is sometimes seen depicted on the headdress of Avalokiteshvara.

Similar Example
A similar figure in virtually identical size and attributes is illustrated in Ts. Narantuya, Treasures of Mongolian Art: Collections of Altangerel Ayurzana, Ulaanbaatar, 2005, p. 16