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Incense Implements

A Bronze Incense Box and Cover

17th Century

Diameter: 9.8cm
Weight: 836 grams

The box and its cover is heavily cast with eight-lobed petals framing the central mallow-shaped top. The box rests on a thick shallow base. The base is cast in relief with the mark Tiandi yijia chun 天地一家春 “Springtime for the One Family of Heaven and Earth” within a recessed cartouche.

The bronze is glossy in finish and patinated to a dark toffee tone.

The original source of the text is attributed to Yang Juyuan 楊巨源 (755-?), from the fourth of his 春日奉獻聖壽無疆詞十首Ten Poems on “Wishing His Majesty Endless Longevity On This Spring Day”, published in Quan Tang Shi 全唐詩 (Complete Verse of the Tang) (Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1960, reprint 1979), 333:3734. One couplet of which states:

雲山九門曙 As cloudy mountains outside the Nine Gates gleam,
天地一家春 It’s springtime for the entire family of Heaven and Earth.

十七世紀 銅葵花式印泥盒